Air Amplifier: Compressed Air Amplifier - Adjustable Air Amplifier

Air Amplifier,Air Movers,Air,Amplifier,MoversAir amplifier or "air movers" from Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp., are a simple, inexpensive devices with virtually no maintenance that can convey fumes, smoke, lightweight materials and move a high volume of air for cooling, blowoff and drying applications. They use the "coanda effect" which entrains a large amount of surrounding air using only a small amount od compressed air. The effect is an amplification of up to 17 times the airflow or more (depending on the size) with reduced noise levels. Using only compressed air, the output flow and vacumm is easily controlled by adjusting or opening the air gap and/or inlet pressure. Either end of the air amplifier may be ducted to address all kinds of applications from bringing in fresh air into an area to removing nasty fumes.


Air amplifier applications in the metal industry removes dust in grinding applications, removes mist in machining operations and cools off hot spots in refining applications.


Adjustable air amplifier is used for a variety of applications and are available in either coated aluminum or stainless steel for high temperature and corrosive environments.

Nex Flow Air Products Corp.